Africa Women Agribusiness Network(AWAN) Afrika is a non-profit organization limited by guarantee. Its network comprises individual members’ businesses including producers, processors, aggregators, export companies, and input suppliers among others across the continent and globally. The organization provides women-owned and youth-owned agribusinesses with an E-Hub, which is a repository of information on agriculture along value chains and supply chains. AWAN Afrika Under 30 champions are the youth of either gender engaged in agribusiness.


  • Women Economic & Financial Inclusion

    We support our members by networking and amplifying their voice, we lobby on policy affecting agribusiness. We empower women for accessing finance through training in financial literacy. We create strong linkages with investors and financial institutions for providing blended finance

  • Market Access

    We focus on information sharing on existing local, regional markets and the new opportunities offered by The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). We organize B2B, B2C and trade fairs, in collaboration with our partners. We organize cross exposure engagements, consolidate and build new strong alliances with private agri-business industries and companies. We connect regional buyers and sellers to our members’ online market forums. Our digital marketplace platform is under construction

  • Trade Facilitation

    We provide information on trading in different markets. We facilitate trainings and provide information on compliance, standards, certification and rules of Trade. We leverage on the opportunities that the new African Continental Free Trade Area brings, through an innovative capacity building program for preparedness and readiness.

  • Technology In Agriculture

    We have an E-Hub repository for agricultural. information and services on: Mechanization, Soil testing, Precision Farming, Agri-ecology, climate-smart technology. Tools for quality control & traceability, Tracking agri-technological advancement and innovations for the competitiveness of the value chains.
    The ongoing development of a digital marketplace will give our members continental access to more buyers and sellers.

  • “We are very pleased to partner with the best experts on the continent in this venture, African Women Agribusiness Network (AWAN-Afrika)”

    Prof. Ahmed El-Sawalhy

    Prof. Ahmed El-Sawalhy

    Director: AU-IBAR Nairobi, Kenya
  • “What a great job AWAN-Afrika is doing by incorporating women in this whole discussion and bringing their concerns and issues to the fore.”

    Julia Klöckner

    Julia Klöckner

    Federal Minister for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection; Germany
  • “You cannot triple intra-Africa trade without boosting agribusiness. Which is where organizations like AWAN Afrika come in. We do admire what they do in the continent. We see them as a role model and we want to urge them to continue to do this,"

    Prof. Afeikhena Theo Jerome

    Prof. Afeikhena Theo Jerome

    African Union | Special Advisor | Rural Economy & Agriculture
  • “We are going to engage with AWAN-Africa because part of our mandate Is really to engage with the private sector.”

    H.E. Josefa Sacko

    H.E. Josefa Sacko

    Commissioner | AU Commission
  • What impresses me is the strength of the network. I developed my network in East Africa! I also got to understand that we have similar issues so we share solutions.

    Lamisse Kandil

    Lamisse Kandil

    Morocco Champion
  • 44African Countries
  • 15,000,000OUR TARGET

We call on young people to venture in Agribusiness ! There are many businesses opportunities along the food value and supply chains.


Executive Director @bgakuba_gakuba speaking at the Southern Black Girl Dream Conference

“As we gather here with joy let us not forget that #genderequity is still a dream for majority of black women and girls !”
@blackgirlsdream @gatesfoundation


At @AWANAfrika we train women in financial literacy including why formalizing their agri-businesses can lead to better access to finance.
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At AWAN Afrika, we are changing the narrative of women in Agribusiness!

To join our network: https://bit.ly/44S7NVJ

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